Introduction to Blaney Mechanical Ltd

Blaney Mechanical Ltd was formed in 2007 to provide building services installation, maintenance and repair accross the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. We have undertaken work on military installations, hospitals, schools and airports across the entire spectrum of building services but one thing we have invested in heavily, both in terms of training and equipment is commercial and industrial gas service - something that continues to this day.

We can install, maintain and repair almost any item of gas fired plant from gas fired warm air heaters to process combustion equipment.

Fast forward to 2013 and we are a different beast. We no longer carry out many of the activities we used to - we know what our strengths are and as a result we have aligned our core business to concentrate on what we do best. Blaney Mechanical are determined to become a formidable name in the gas industry in 2013 and have a detailed business plan such that each employee knows who we are and where we're going. By contracting work to Blaney Mechanical you can be sure it will receive only the best in ability and attitude.

If you think Blaney Mechanical could be of service to you, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us here.

Sean Blaney - Blaney Mechanical Ltd

30 Day Credit Accounts Available Subject to Status