Oil Fired Rotary Cup Steam Boilers

Industrial Gas Services

We serve the following postcodes: S, DN, WF, LS, HD, HX, BD, HG, YO, NG, LN and DE.

Blaney Mechanical carry out a huge range of industrial gas services such as boiler servicing, boiler repair, controls upgrading and energy metering. See below for a more complete list of the services we can offer.

What makes us different?

  • We have extensive experience of downstream gas utilisation which means we can provide engineers with the experience required to install, service and repair your gas fired appliance.
  • We carry the instruments required to correctly diagnose and repair your process equipment.
  • We understand a lot of industrial processes that utilise fuel gas. If the process you are using is new to us, we'll take the time to make sure we understand yours.
  • We don't ask for upfront payment. Ever.

We have extensive experience in the manufacturing, powder coating, metal processing, glass making and petroleum industries working on combustion systems from most major manufacturers.

  • Industrial Combustion
  • Repairs to Combustion Systems
  • Repairs to Furnace Burners
  • Repairs to Gas Fired Burners
  • Steam Boiler Engineering
  • Energy Metering & Monitoring
  • AMR Installation
  • Gas Usage Meter Installation & Data Logging
  • Combustion Performance Analysis & Tuning
  • Dilapidation Reports & Surveys
  • Condition Surveys to Mechanical Building Services
  • Maintenance Contractor Performance Auditing
  • Gas Pipeline Testing & Purging to IGE/UP/1
  • Industrial Gas Safety Inspections
30 Day Credit Accounts Available Subject to Status