Underground Gas Pipe Trace & Repair

Smell Gas? Call us for Gas Leak Trace & Repair

We serve the following postcodes: S, DN, WF, LS, HD, HX, BD, HG, YO, NG, LN and DE.

If you can smell gas call Blaney Mechanical Ltd on 01709 291722 to trace and repair gas leaks on all types of pipework, appliances and equipment.

Have you been cut off by National Grid or Northern Gas Networks because your gas installation is leaking? We can trace and repair gas leaks and re-instate gas supplies to keep your business running.

GMI Gascoseeker used when tracing gas leaks

We can find gas leaks on all of the following:

  • Buried / Underground Gas Leaks
  • Above Ground Gas Pipework
  • Repairs to Natural Gas and Liquid Petroleum Gas Pipelines
  • Gas Leak Repairs on Gas Fired Appliances
  • Gas Leak Repairs on Catering Kitchens
  • Gas Leak Repairs on Process Plant and Equipment
  • Gas Leak Repairs to Valves, Gas Trains, Regulators and Governors

We are extremely experienced in finding and repairing gas leaks and are qualified to use the latest detection techniques where required.

Small gas leaks on long or enclosed pipelines can be hard to pinpoint. As well as the obvious danger, gas leaks can damage the environment and can prove costly.

For those hard to pinpoint leaks, we can carry out inert gas leak detection using helium. Helium leak detection is usually carried out using a mass spectrometer and can be very useful to accurately pinpoint undergound gas leaks.

We can carry out strength or tightness tests on your pipework to determine if a leak exists and where possible the extent of the leak. If necessary we can then proceed to trace and repair damaged or leaking pipework.

We can do this safely, working to industry standards and using the best equipment available to us.

For more information, call us today on 01709 291722 or use our enquiry form.

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